About Amigo Coin

The concept behind the AmigoCoin payment platform is to create a portal for providing global payment services and solutions to users. It will offer many features of the payment services industry, starting with the registration of users and companies, and performing due diligent checking that conforms to the respective local Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulatory rules.


About AmigoCoin Plugins

An AmigoCoin plugin is a smart contract that can handle incoming and outbound AMIGO token transactions. To prevent accidental ERC20 token or ETH loss AMIGO plugins are written in such a way that they only accept AMIGO tokens. However, the advantage of using the Amigo token is that it is "Transaction Fee Free"

Micro Transactions with AmigoCoin

We are proud to announce our successful pilot launch with major customers and financial partners of AmigoCoin services for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in March 2018, with full commercial deployment scheduled by early June 2018. The AmigoCoin is in full compliance with domestic and international KYC/AML laws and regulations.

Value Preposition

We have developed a Blockchain based payment platform that allows buyers & suppliers to initiate payments from the same platform.
Amigo offers a vision for a new standard for tokenised payment vehicles that will bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto universes. The Amigo service focuses on all the aspects of tokenised international payment, from technology and infrastructure to legal compliance and service structuring. This platform will be the one-stop solution for SME, SMB, B2B & B2C to initiate and manage tokenised international payments.

Why the Blockchain?

The basic idea behind the AmigoCoin Ecosystem is to provide users the opportunity to trade on Amigo Tokens with one another and to exchange them for goods and services from the respective merchants. The systems need to be able to do this in a frictionless, yet verifiably secure way. As the Amigo Tokens will have real value, it is essential that it will not be able to copy or double spend them. Another requirement is that Amigo Tokens should have the ability, if the merchant chooses so, to create verifiably unique and rare tokens. Blockchain technology and its successors provide the solution to create a system which fulfills these requirements.

People will need to be able to exchange the Amigo Tokens with a standard medium of exchange. This medium of exchange will be the AmigoCoin. Besides being able to trade Amigo Tokens into and out of the Amigo Wallet and Ecosystem, holding AmigoCoin gives users extra functionality like being able to receive unique Merchant Tokens or AmigoCoin promotions using the Amigo Deal Alerts (ADA's). The Amigo Ecosystem also provides merchants value in the form of collected metadata and making these available for them in exchange for AmigoCoin, while also doing this in a verifiably secure, frictionless way where it is possible to see the non-reissuable current supply of tokens.

Users will know that they are the actual owners of these coins and the only ones able to spend them when they hold the keys in their wallets. Blockchains, such as Ethereum for AmigoCoin and private blockchains for Amigo Tokens, fulfill all these requirements, while also making it possible to create an entirely Decentralised Exchange, or DEX, at a later stage.

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